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10 New Leaders 2019


Get a jump start to enhanced leadership growth.

Selected Applicants Will Receive:

  • Attendance at the annual Evolution Leadership Conference Find out more

  • A 45-minute VIP training session from the speakers at the Evolution Annual Conference

  • 90 days of executive coaching from a Vistage coach

  • 90 days of membership in a Vistage Executive Peer Group

  • Meet and Greet event with peers

  • Two executive coaching sessions with JD

Key Dates:

  • April 1:   An application form is available—on this page.
  • June 3:   Applications are due.
  • July 8:   Selected 10 New Leaders for 2018 are announced.

Each applicant must complete the 10 New Leaders essay question: “How would your participation in this program help you achieve a purpose?” Scoring is rated on a scale of 1 to 10 with two criteria:

  1. Leadership potential: Based on the quality of the essay, how well did the candidate articulate their purpose?
  2. Contribution: Based on the quality of the essay, would he or she benefit from the program, contribute to the group, and pay it forward?

Applicants with the 10 highest scores will be selected.


Four distinguished business leaders will evaluate applicant essays.

  • Una Martone Leadership Harrisburg Area
  • Mike Mitchell High Family Business Center
  • Dave Schankweiler Founder, and Former CEO and Owner of Journal Multimedia
  • Lee Peters Vistage Regional Executive


  • How would your participation in this program help you achieve a purpose?
  • Are you able to attend the conference on October 8 at Spooky Nook? *