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Move from the old command-and-control style of leadership to a more purposeful leadership style. Build great relationships, create engagement, and produce unparalleled results. — JD


Happiness Culture Specialist

Learn how to build a purpose-driven, sustainable culture using happiness as a business model. Inspire others. Live BIG. Be true to yourself.


Culture Chief at Delivering Happiness

CO-FOUNDERS: Tony Hsieh & Jenn Lim

Inside Southwest Airlines

Create a customer service culture. Put people first. Transform how you see yourself, your customers, and your business.


President of LeadSmart, Inc.

Ten-year veteran of Southwest Airlines’ marketing-dominating customer service culture — Prioritize humanity and personal touch.

10 New Leaders

10 high–potential, emerging leaders get a jump-start to enhanced leadership growth! Step onto a new, exciting platform for learning.

10 New Leaders

We encourage new leaders to define and explore their leadership potential. Applications will be available April 1. Find out more.

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Trust, Compassion, Stability, and Hope

In the most recent book published by Gallup, “Strengths Based Leadership: Great Leaders, Teams, and Why People Follow,” authors, Tom Rath and Barry Conchie, conducted thousands of interviews to determine four key words that express the needs that a workforce seeks from a leader—trust, compassion, stability, and hope. Being a great leader is more than seven steps to success. Purposeful leadership is a state of being. It is how you show up and how you value every person that you touch. Enjoy the 2017 Evolution Conference Series and become a more purposeful leader.