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Here’s the the secret to unity and peace in our divided times —JD and Kamran Loghman

With another contentious election behind us, how do we get back to being neighbors? How do we unify and strengthen our community despite our differences and disagreements?

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Don’t hesitate to get rid of “poison” employees —JD

I have a project manager who recently tried to recruit one of my senior leaders to go work for another company. This project manager is a good, long-term employee and is doing a good job. Nobody has left our company. What should I do?

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Ask John Dame: Who’s the boss in a family-owned business? —JD

My family owns and operates several companies in the area. My father is now in his 70s and wants to slow down as CEO. It is time to think about succession. I’ve been running the company for the past two years. The issue is that I am the younger of two sons, and my older brother is sensitive about the fact that I am acting as the CEO. We work well together, and I do not want to hurt his feelings. I also do not want my dad to see us in a disagreement over leadership of the company. What should I do?

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How are you showing up? Dean Minuto

Yescalate® Tip 27: Can people trust you? A great tip from Dean Minuto, Vistage Speaker of the Year.

Give first. Dr. Robert Cialdini

Robert Cialdini discusses the Rule of Reciprocity. You have to give before you get. A great rule for business leaders.

Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less —Greg McKeown

Every now and then a book makes a significant impact on you. While I was in Key West this winter, I read the book Essentialism by Greg McKeown. The disciplined pursuit of less is a lesson that every executive should learn. Learning to gracefully say no is only one lesson.  Read this book. It will make a material difference in your life. I use the lessons from this book daily.

Ghost Fleet: A Novel of the Next World War —P. W. Singer and August Cole

I heard about this book when I attended the US Army War College Annual Strategy Session. It is required reading for these folks posted at the Pentagon. Great entertaining read for the summer.