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Hope for the best, but have a plan —JD

Typically, this is the season when CEOs think about their strategy for the new year. They go offsite with their teams, hire a first-rate strategic planning facilitator, put sticky notes all over the walls, and then leave the session with a new and better plan.

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Ask John Dame: Give employees time to adjust to new corporate culture —JD

I just replaced a long-time employee who ran all my operations. Her replacement has found that there are quite a few downstream leaders who are not good fits with our culture. We cannot replace everyone. What should we do?

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What does the New Year hold for business? A CEO looks into the crystal ball —JD

The single biggest issue facing any organization today is finding, hiring, onboarding, developing and retaining great talent. As you plan you must pay attention to leadership and culture, if you want to find and keep great talent and remain competitive.

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How are you showing up? Dean Minuto

Yescalate® Tip 27: Can people trust you? A great tip from Dean Minuto, Vistage Speaker of the Year.

Give first. Dr. Robert Cialdini

Robert Cialdini discusses the Rule of Reciprocity. You have to give before you get. A great rule for business leaders.

Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less —Greg McKeown

Every now and then a book makes a significant impact on you. While I was in Key West this winter, I read the book Essentialism by Greg McKeown. The disciplined pursuit of less is a lesson that every executive should learn. Learning to gracefully say no is only one lesson.  Read this book. It will make a material difference in your life. I use the lessons from this book daily.

Ghost Fleet: A Novel of the Next World War —P. W. Singer and August Cole

I heard about this book when I attended the US Army War College Annual Strategy Session. It is required reading for these folks posted at the Pentagon. Great entertaining read for the summer.