As a young man, I always looked for an authentic reason to go to work. Today, for me, purpose has become a wide-open campaign to transform the workplace. — JD

“Add purpose and our work lives take on an expanded, even inspired dimension.”

— Loren Woolfe


JD received a B.S. in marketing from Pennsylvania State University in 1974. He pursued a career in radio broadcasting for 32 years.

  • 1972—On-air personality for USA’s first album-oriented rock (AOR) radio station
  • 1977—Station General Manager in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania at age 25
  • 1992—COO of family-owned Dame Media at 40—twenty-three station Mid-Atlantic broadcasting group
  • 1998—Dame Media sold to Clear Channel Communications for $85M

Radio Programming Syndication:

  • 1999—Founded Dame Gallagher Networks (DGN) operating in the Empire State Building, New York City
  • DGN features broadcast studios and syndication of national talk radio host, Mike Gallagher
  • 2002—DGN acquired by Salem Communications (SRN)

Business Consulting

  • 2002—Founded Dame Management Strategies (DMS) to work with CEOs and their executive teams
  • 2014—Release the first in a series books built around transforming your business—Fast Track Strategic Planning

Evolution Leadership Academy and Conference

  • 2015—Founded the EVOLUTION Leadership Conference, an annual event offering executives from across the country the opportunity to grow, learn, and find purpose with their leadership teams
  • 2016—EVOLUTION becomes two events, a leadership academy in the spring and the larger annual conference in the fall
  • 2017—EVOLUTION Leadership Academy and the 2017 EVOLUTION Conference continue to grow and attract attendees.
  • 2018—EVOLUTION welcomes distinguished speakers from Delivering Happiness (Zappos) and Southwest Airlines.
  • 2019—EVOLUTION Leadership Conference surpasses 500+ attendees!

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Making Money · Doing Good

JD’s reputation for insightful evaluation, planning, and a passion for driving results have grown his involvement with companies and organizations internationally. He has a fine-tuned understanding of the risks, challenges, and opportunities facing both seasoned and emerging CEOs. His current focus has turned toward the role of purpose in the business environment, the new challenge of transitioning to a millennial-based workforce, and growing leadership teams within his client companies.

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