Adam McGregor: ‘We Love People!’

A welcome addition of last years’ Evolution Leadership Conference was the introduction of the 10 New Leaders Project. This pay-it-forward initiative gives 10 high-potential, emerging or advancing leaders the opportunity to hone their skills. The program returns this year with a new class who will receive more than $10,000 in leadership development programming, as well as tickets to JD Evolution Leadership Conference on Oct. 2.


Our 10 New Leaders program is designed to help emerging professionals from all backgrounds grow professionally in ways that help improve their communities and places of work.  That’s why I’m really excited for our 2018 class. Whether a Harrisburg school teacher, corporate vice president or leader of a non-profit, this program will  provide invaluable leadership tools that will benefit the participants and countless others who will interact with our 10 New Leaders for years to come.


In preparation for the program, we’ve asked some of our leaders to share a short video on how they live their authentic Purpose. I’m pleased to share our first response from Adam McGregor, Integrator at Walters Services Inc.



Click here to learn more about the program and learn more about all 10 of our new leaders.

Click here for event information and to purchase tickets to the Evolution Leadership Conference.


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