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Debrief To Win on November 8

I want to start this post by asking you a few questions. Consider…



How much would your company benefit by being able to get people to do what they say they’re going to do? How well is accountability practiced across your organization today? What would it be worth to you to improve that number, even by 10%?

If you can see any benefit to increased accountability, I encourage you to attend a full-day workshop on 11/8 at the Dixon University Center. Robert “Cujo” Teschner will spend a full-day in Central PA delivering his impactful  team accountability presentation, “Debrief to Win.”


Teschner is a motivational speaker, author and leadership coach. His focus is on teaching accountable leadership and teamwork to businesses.  Learn a disciplined approach to teaming that is centered on accountability, a powerful tool in anyone’s kit. Proper employment of this tool enables resilience as well as produces accountability. Teams that want to succeed in business need to learn and practice this skill. Resilience can be learned, and accountability starts at home.


The workshop will include three parts:

Part 1: The US Air Force Knows How to Team

Part 2: The DFA is Both a Life Skill and a Work Skill

Part 3: Accountability Doesn’t Stop at Work

For the full event flyer, click here.

Teschner also filmed a short video to tell you more about his presentation.


What would your bottom line improvement be if you could embrace the “Debrief to Win” approach to accountable leadership across your company? Find out on November 8. Click here to purchase your ticket.

We’re also running a contest on social media to win a ticket to the presentation. To enter for a chance to win, check out this post on Facebook, this post on Twitter and this post on LinkedIn. Good luck!


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