I Commit to Being a Lead with Purpose Leader.

At the 2018 Evolution Leadership Conference, I shared my Lead with Purpose Leaders’ Pledge with what I believe is the foundational and non-negotiable core for leaders who want to Lead with Purpose.

Some of you have asked me to share more about each element in the pledge.

Here are videos highlighting the first five.

#1. I stay connected with my unique and true calling so that I not afraid to fully live to that calling.

#2. I value people more than money and things. If I prioritize people in my organization, profits take care of themselves.

#3. I ensure the financial viability of my company so that we will make money and do good.

#4. I will cultivate a culture where each person has opportunities to learn, grow, and do their best.

#5. I will reconnect with the Lead with Purpose Leadership Pledge daily. This routine will help me develop as a Purposeful Leader.

For more background on the pledge, you can check out this blog post. You can also download the pledge here.

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