Meet Our Faculty

Dr Jenifer EpsteinNew York Life Insurance Company, Partner

Jenifer excels as a Fortune 100 company executive recruiter. During her finance career, she has received the Life Sales Career Award, Rookie of the Year, Career Life Producer Award, Centurian, and the Life Foundation Award.READ MORE

Darren Lloyd ShawThe Elrico Company LLC, COO and CFO

Darren’s career spans 25 years helping Fortune 200 companies envision, design, deliver, measure, and optimize significant global transformation initiatives.READ MORE

Claudia WilliamsThe Human Zone LLC, Chief Frientorship® Officer

Claudia is a TEDx speaker and author who inspires leaders and motivates employees to deliver the business results they need by driving employee engagement and building thriving workplace cultures.READ MORE

Jeffrey P. WakeenWakeen Enterprise, Founder and CEO

Jeff Wakeen has the unique ability to open a dialogue, explore strengths, expose vulnerabilities, and lead clients to rediscover purpose in their lives and businesses.READ MORE

Explore Our Programs

  1. LinkedIn for Executives: Jenifer Epstein, New York Life Insurance Company, Partner; Understand the Benefits of Social Media in the Workplace.READ MORE
  2. Organization Change Management: Darren Lloyd Shaw, The Elrico Company LLC, COO and CEO; Why Lack of Change Management Kills ROI 99% of the Time.READ MORE
  3. Frientorship®: Claudia Williams ,The Human Zone LLC, Chief Frientorship® Officer; This program uses key elements of friendship, mentorship, and leadership to drive profitability and build a sustainable competitive advantage.READ MORE
  4. Understanding Risky Workplace Behavior: Claudia Williams, The Human Zone LLC, Chief Frientorship® Officer; This program provides much-needed discrimination, harassment and retaliation training for compliance purposes.READ MORE
  5. Culture and Leadership: Jeff Wakeen, Wakeen Enterprises; Define culture and leadership through a lens of strengths.READ MORE
  6. Define Your Vivid Vision and Purpose: John Dame, Dame Management Strategies; This program will help you to clarify and express your personal and your organization’s vivid vision.READ MORE


Ask JD about additional programs available now to meet your specific needs:

Create, Lead, Achieve: Kamran Loghman, Chief Global Instructor for Create–Lead–Achieve at Apple

Understanding Financial Statements and Balance Sheets for Non-Financial Leaders: Joel Flinchbaugh, Partner, Smith Elliott Kearns & Company

A Total System for Effective Managerial Organization and Managerial Leadership in the 21st Century: Kevin Earnest, Requisite Organization (RO) Specialist, Earnest Consulting

The Entrepreneurial Operating System: Brian White, White Stone Solutions

Servant Leadership Parts 1 & 2: Una Martone, Director of Leadership Harrisburg

Strategic Leadership: Kevin Dixon, Retired Colonel, US Army War College

Managing the Accelerating/Changing Business Environment, (VUCA—volatile/uncertain/complex/ambiguous): Ira Wolfe, Organization Development Expert & TEDx Speaker

The Productivity Zone: Stop the Tug of War with Time: Penny Zenker, International Speaker, Business Strategy Coach & Bestselling Author

Break Through and Unlock Your Leadership Potential: Umar Hameed, NLP Specialist

Hiring the Right Talent: Dan Courser, President of Predictive Index

The Neuroscience of Leadership: Holly Green, Managing Director, The Human Factor, Inc. (Behavioral Scientist & Bestselling Author)

Yescalate, Use Brain Science to Help You Get to YES: Dean Minuto, Sales Strategy & Training Coach

You On Your Best Day: Michael Allosso, Speaker, Author, Broadway Producer & Actor