Kimberly Preske: The 10 New Leader Program Is A Reminder of Hope

Our 10 new leaders continue their journey with the program. We’ve recently heard from Adam McGregor about his experience, so far. Click here to see what he said.

Today, we hear from another leader – Kimberly Preske. The post below shares her experience.

The experience of the 10 New Leaders Program has been in stark contrast to the conflicts and emotional upheaval in the world. Participating has provided a reminder of hope.  Everyone I have met has illustrated an abundance mindset. Giving of themselves, their time and resources in their dedication to service.

Vistage meetings allow me to witness individuals prioritizing being effective transformational leaders by seeking peer support. The high value of peer feedback is enhanced by the broad perspective of the diversity of participants. Individuals share their challenges openly and honestly then accept their peers pushing them beyond their comfort level by hearing deep questions. They move their businesses forward in choosing to openly evaluate the root causes of problems and committing to acting in new ways. Accountability in the groups increases follow thru and encourages celebrating success.

During the Evolution Conference, Chief Outsiders training and other presentations inspire me to attend events beyond my normal trainings. The presenters often engaged participants in hands on, cooperative learning opportunities. It is not every day that you silently walk around a full conference room seeking to identify a partner simply by connecting through a look. Nor would I have expected to have a deep, mutually vulnerable conversation with that partner. Sometimes we need to move outside of our disciplines to gain what we need for the next steps in our journey.

I have also been inspired to learn about gender diversity in leadership since joining the 10 New Leaders Program. We can increase the success of our businesses by recognizing the communication and perception differences across the gender continuum and providing opportunities for equality in leadership. Maximizing the different perspectives and respecting the value of those differences allows us to increase our relevance to our customers and the longevity of our brands.

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