Lucas Salter: Helping Others By Sharing A Unique Perspective

I recently announced participants of my leadership development program, 10 New Leaders Project, in conjunction with the 2019 Evolution Leadership Conference.

Applicants were asked to complete an essay answering the question, “How would your participation in this program help you achieve purpose?” We recently shared an essary from Julie Walker, Executive Director of the Peyton Walker Foundation.

I’m happy to share another essay from a participant – Lucas Salter – who is an Account Leader at Wenger Feeds.

The 10 New Leaders Project is a chance to advance my overall understanding of what others value as leadership, both in themselves and in their industries. What I feel my purpose to be comes from my passion for safe, healthy protein and the people who produce it; promoting the communities in our region that are built around providing our groceries. Growing professionally in Agriculture has been a blessing, surrounded by hard working and diligent people who provide a constantly needed but rarely appreciated aspect to everyone’s daily routine. I work in animal agriculture, and the complexity and misunderstanding regarding what our nations’, regions’, and communities’ farmers and ranchers has never been at such a critical mass. I want to able to present myself and my industry as effectively as possible.

If given the chance to participate in a group like this, I will be able to impart some of the wisdom I’ve been fortunate enough to glean from the farmer’s in my world. In turn, I see gaining access to the perspectives of how leaders in other industries represent themselves and lead the discussion in their realms. This will be vital to moving my purpose forward. The ability to work with people as passionate about what they do as I am about my business will help streamline my personal branding and mentality towards animal agriculture.

My passion and purpose towards being a leader in an industry that is so vital to our communities and economy, as well as our health, has never been stronger. I want to engage with people of a like-mind about their businesses and see how they have made themselves into the best they can be. I want to be able to help others advance themselves by sharing my unique perspective in the same way I’m sure this group will help me. But most of all, I want to serve my purpose by leading, representing, and promoting the agriculturalists in our region to provide safe, healthy, and affordable food for everyone.

Learn more about Lucas and all of our new leaders by clicking here.

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