My clients generate more than $5B in top-line revenues and employ over 5,000 people. I facilitate more than 500 meetings per year and coach over 50 CEOs each month. — JD

Vulnerability is not a weakness.

Vistage Executive Peer Groups

Learn how the power of your peers and a hardworking exchange of vital ideas can drive leadership, growth, and success. Vistage brings together CEOs, executives, and business owners into a private advisory peer group. There is no problem you cannot solve if you have a group of peers at your back.

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One-On-One Leadership Coaching

I work with CEOs like you to increase self-awareness, which is a starting point for growth. I am your coach, mentor, confidant, and sounding board. I work to enhance your life. We collaborate to achieve an alignment of vision, purpose, and strategy.

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Strategic Planning and Meeting Facilitation

We start with your company vision. We identify and pursue a future that drives strategy and tactics. Becoming a purposeful leader starts with a purposeful plan.

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One key way to retain great talent is to help them grow as leaders within your organization. The JD Leadership Academies is a turn-key way for you to develop your leadership team. Schedule full-day 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. sessions. Choose 12 sessions, 6 sessions, or 4 sessions (according to speaker availability, your leadership developmental needs, and your budget).

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