Take the Pledge!

Last week I shared with you dedicated videos of the first five of 10 of my Lead with Purpose Leaders’ Pledge.  This pledge represents what I believe is the foundational and non-negotiable core for leaders who want to Lead with Purpose.

Here are videos highlighting the last five.

  1. I win by making sure there are no losers. When facing decisions, I will always insist on the right choice.

  1. I chose calm over chaos. My employees thrive when they can connect and communicate.

  1. I explore and understand my biases. Requesting, hearing, and valuing input is essential.

  1. I will lead with compassion. Compassion drives belief and hope.

  1. I will be curious and slow to judgment. I must be a well-informed decision maker.

For more background on the pledge, you can check out this blog post. You can also download the pledge here.

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