Top Reads for 2019 – Extended!

I know we’re all busy, but I do believe reading helps us as leaders. Last week, I introduced you to a few books that are worth the read. I’d like to extend that list with a few more books. Perhaps some great Spring reading! Check them out.

“HeadTrash 2: Dealing with and Overcoming Other People’s Junk” by Tish Squillaro

This book builds on Tish’s first book and help you clean up the “junk” that causes stress and to also make room for healthy relationships with others.

“Dare to Dream” by Vera Cornish

It’s a great story to inspire and motivate you to seek out your dreams!

Watch the video below to learn more.

“Women in High Gear” by Anne Deeter Gallaher

If you are a woman seeking out success, read this.  If you’re not, share it with the women in your life who are.

Anne’s video shares more.

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