Vistage Re-cap: The 17 Reasons Why You May Not Be Able to Sell Your Equity

Last week, my Vistage groups heard from Zane Terence, Managing Director of Founders Advisors, on the topic: “The 17 Reasons Why You Might Not Be Able to Sell Your Equity & What You Can Do About It.”

In his discussion, Zane outlines issues business owners face that impact both the likelihood of selling their companies and the valuation potential acquirers assign to them. This topic was a of value to our members who were not just looking to sell their business, but also those looking to grow their business.

He spent the first part of the morning discussing the importance of cash flow, advising group members to create a formal growth plan with three major growth initiatives. The second half of the morning was spent on all of the other items that support the growth – and eventual sale – of your business.

A few important notes stuck out for me. I’ll outline them here as he stated them:

  • Change involves making tough calls and understanding your WHY.
  • The right employees make measurable contributions to productivity and corporate cultures.
  • Reward innovation and protect your intellectual property.
  • Daily habits matter.
  • Develop and perfect your secret sauce.
  • If you don’t hold people accountable, they aren’t going to do it.
  • If you got clients who are never satisfied, fire them.

Zane had a lot of great nuggets and takeaways. Below is the list of the 17 reasons you may not be able to sell your equity.

Founders Advisors One Sheet

I hope to see everyone in June for our Speaker, Robert Teschner, on the topic: Debrief to Win: Foundations of Accountable Leadership.


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